Innovation founded on Science and
driven by the Purpose of making Affordable & Quality medicines

Research and Development

Globela is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people around the world through our cutting-edge research and development efforts. We have a DSIR approved, well established in-house R&D Center with state of art infrastructure, team of experts and certifications.


R&D helps us bring new products to market, every year. Our focus is on developing pharmaceutical products that are high on quality and affordable for every section of the society. Whether it’s discovering new treatments or improving existing ones, our R&D team is committed to driving innovation and improving health related outcomes.

Infrastructure - with Quality First approach

Our R&D establishment is approved by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research).

Team of Experts - Dedicated and Determined

International Distribution Network

Globela’s strong distribution network is crucial for your organization’s needs. By providing efficient and reliable ways to get its products through a well knit fabric of distributors across the globe, Globela can ensure that patients have access to the medications they need, when they need them.

Globela’s distributor network has its presence in 42+ countries across Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Latin America and CIS with various awards and accreditations from global regulatory bodies.

One of the main ways in which our strong distribution network helps partners is by providing fast and convenient access to our product and services. Our well-designed distribution network ensures that drugs are delivered quickly and efficiently to pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, allowing partners to start work without delay. This can be particularly important for drugs that are time-sensitive or require special handling, such as temperature-controlled drugs.

Globela’s strong distribution network can also help partners by providing a space to access the deep market. With our robust distribution network you will be able to offer a wider range of products than their competitors, which can help customers access the specific medications they need.

Furthermore, our strong distribution network can help you optimize on many levels. By providing efficient and cost-effective distribution services, we can help partners to reduce their expenses and improve their profitability.

Globela Pharma’s advanced Infrastructure and Facilities

Explore our state-of-art research and manufacturing facilities where we are working to promote innovation and create high quality pharma solutions that can make healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone.

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