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Globela Pharma Research Center

We, at Globela Pharma firmly believe that …


» Change is the Only constant

» Need is the mother of all Inventions

» Innovation is the cornerstone for Sustained Growth


In today’s era of ever-changing disease patterns and increasing supplier base for existing formulations, there are many unmet healthcare and economic needs of society. Government and most of the markets are looking for newer solutions, be in terms of cost reduction, process improvement, newer formulations or newer combination, etc. Hence it is of paramount that Pharmaceutical Industry continues to reinvent itself, and cop ups with ever changing needs of People, Society and Government.


In line of this, We, Globela Pharma Pvt Ltd has uplifted our existing R & D facility, and installed fully functioning in house R & D center- with state of the art infrastructure, and experienced, skilled manpower. Globela Pharma Research Centre is separately located alongside manufacturing facility of Globela Pharma Pvt Ltd at Surat, Gujarat, INDIA. R & D center is also recognized by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India), and has technology collaboration with Globela Pharma LLC, New Jersey, USA.


Brief Overview of the R & D center services:

» Pre-formulation studies

» Formulation Development

» Analytical Development

» Technology Transfer

» Stability Studies

» Contract Research and Manufacturing Service

» Exhibit batch and F& D batch formulation

» Conventional dosage forms: tablet, capsules, Dry powders, etc

» Critical conventional dosages : bilayer, multicolor,etc

» NDDS : Controlled release, solid dispersion, orally disintegrating, taste masked DC, etc