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We, Globela Pharma Pvt Ltd, have the mission to provide cost-effective pharmaceutical products to each individual, regardless of race, gender, social or cultural background.


We also firmly believe and follow that Every Life is Precious.


In addition to providing medicines at affordable rates, We strive to improve overall well-being of Society, as our integral part of Corporate Social Responsibility.


We continuously work towards making good health affordable and accessible to the communities and society at large. We help as many people as we can to ensure their right to good health and general well-being.

Our CSR efforts are directed towards:

» Education

» Environment

» Disaster Response

» General Health

» Skill Enhancement


Globela Pharma Role of Business in Environmental Stewardship

1. Creating, Maintaining and developing work culture for environmental protection

2. Complying with laws enacted by the government for prevention of pollution

3. Involvement in environmental protection programs

4. Adopting eco-friendly techniques

5. Assessment of pollution control

6. Arranging workshops and training materials


Globela Pharma Technology Inventions to fullfill the Social Benefits Schemes for centre and state Govt.

• Bilayer tablet of Glimepride 2 mg IR and Metformin 500 mg SR Tablets –Export

• Azithromycin taste Masked Granules 7.5 % - Export

• Combination of Artemether and Lumefantrine Taste mask suspension -Export

Development of Anticancer Product - Imatinib tablets 400 mg and Lenalidomide Capsules 25 mg generic version for patient affordable price of the medicine.- Export & Domestic

Product Name
Branded Company Price
Globela Pharma Price
Imatinib Tablets 400 mg
2239 Rs. for 10 Tablets
400 Rs for 10 Tablets
Lenalidomide Capsules 25 mg
8976 Rs. For 30 Capsules
3000 Rs for 30 Capsules


Globela Pharma Pvt Ltd is responsible for society welfare continue support to various activity

Monpurgam Pragati Mandal --- Established in 1994, actively support school education program, awareness program at hospitals, etc. Dr. Bhanu Vaghashia, MD, Globela Pharma Pvt Ltd personally worked for 20 years, and many activities were organized and supported.


Support to Plantation & Swachh Bharat Abhiyan



Skill Development & For Mentally Challenged Children, at Spandan School Adajan -Surat



Student Appreciation Program



Tobacco Cancer- Awareness and Prevention Program

Blood Donation Camp

Medicines Supply for Flood Relief Camp - July-August 2017